Our Promise To You.
* No pressure
* No roll over
* No lock in
* No return fees.
Leasing Facts

Before signing a lease ask what type of lease you are being asked to sign. Beware of the first type of lease that most copier companies use called an FMV or fair market value lease. Your monthly rate is slightly less for this type of lease but at the end of the lease payments you are at the mercy of the lease company and the copier dealer you purchased the machine from. Their goal is to keep you in an on going monthly lease payment. .

This lease has a high dollar buy out and a return fee that also requires you to send the machine back to the lease company by the last day of the lease or continue to make monthly payments. Some dealers use these leases to force you into rolling over into a new lease.

If you don’t cancel this type of lease 90 days before the end of the lease you could get locked in for another year of payments. The type of lease we use and recommend is a $1.00 out fixed lease. With this lease you are in control.

When the lease ends you own the copier. It is that simple. Use the machine for as long as you want. It is your property. Add a maintenance contract and you will continue to receive service and parts for a fraction of the cost.

Looking to upgrade? We will offer you a trade in.

No pressure, No roll over, No lock in, No return fees.
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