A new copier depreciates 50%-80% within 6 months of being purchased.

Our pre-owned machines have already depreciated so you will save thousands of dollars over a new purchase. We buy low meter repossessed, off lease and demo machines for a fraction of the original sale price.

Our "No Lemon"

Our No worries with our “No Lemon” replacement guarantee. If the machine you purchase from us has any factory defect or has excessive service we will replace it for you. No problems. The other guys won’t do that on a new machine.
Once you purchase one of our reconditioned/leaseback machines you will never purchase new again.

Full Service Maintenance

We install new drums, blades, developer, fuser rollers, etc. and all worn parts. We clean and test these machines before we deliver them to your place of business.
We offer full service maintenance agreement with the sale of any machine.These machines can also be leased again for up to 36 months with service included for the duration of the lease.

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